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What to do in Varigotti

Saracen center, sport, enogastronomy

Sea, inland,

Colors and smells…

Albatros Beach is located in the Saracen center of Varigotti just a few steps from the famous typical Ligurian pastel colored houses that have contributed to make Varigotti a tourist destination known internationally.

Everything here is timeless: the beauty of the sea, the hinterland rich in fairytale vegetation, the colors of the houses, the smells of salty and basil.

Hours of light happiness, lots of sun, fantastic sea and relaxation will be the setting for this little Ligurian oasis.

To Visit

  • – the seaside centre
  • – the beaches of the Baia dei Saraceni, Malpasso and Punta Crena
  • – the naturalistic area of Punta Crena
  • – the Byzantine Tower and the Church of Sant’Antonio
  • – the Mediterranean Botanical Garden
  • – the Church of San Lorenzo


  • – swimming
  • – windsurfing
  • – diving
  • – trekking
  • – mountain biking
  • – tennis
  • – horse riding
  • – nordic walking
  • – free climbing

Food and Wine

  • – extra virgin olive oil
  • – focaccia
  • – fish specialties
  • – pesto
  • – Vermentino, Pigato, Rossese, Granaccia, Lumassina wines
  • – artisanal honey

Charming Saracen Center,

right by the sea of Riviera Ligure,

small, ancient and always flowered

…kissed by the sun until late!

Free Wi-Fi
Kids Playground
Dog Beach
Lounge Bar
Private Parking